Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Matter of Trust - Susan Mae Warren

A Matter of Trust – Susan Mae Warren

            I love Susan Mae Warren.  I have read all her books!  I am a junkie!  A Matter of Trust didn’t disappoint.  This book is part of the Montana Rescue series.  I love how Warren continues past stories while prepping you for future stories while telling the present story.  (HOWEVER, I want to know NOW what happens with Ian!!!!!) 
This is the story of Gage Watson, a former professional snow boarder, who works for PEAK Rescue.  His life fell apart after someone died while snowboarding with him.  He still has regrets.  Ella Blair’s is a senator who believes she needs to take care of her younger brother.  This brother has been studying Gage’s skills for several years and wants to follow in his footsteps.  Gage and Ella have somewhat of a past.  When Ella manipulates Gage into rescuing her brother things escalate.
            This is a story of forgiveness.  This is a story of truth.  I loved it!  Read this book. 

I did receive a copy of this book and was free to choose if I wanted to post a review or not!