Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sandpiper Cove - Irene Hannon

Sandpiper Cove: A Hope Harbor Novel – Irene Hannon

I really enjoy reading Irene Hannon’s book.  She has a unique way of drawing people in.  I love how she really gives details from past book’s characters.  I LOVE THAT!  Sandpiper Cove will not disappoint!  Lexie Graham is the widowed police chief of Hope Harbor.  She and her son live together with her mom.  Unfortunately, there are cases of vandalism around town.  Adam Stone, a former felon, has lent a hand repairing the vandalism.  When they catch the vandals he also helps mentor the wrongdoer. 

As you can possibly imagine Lexie and Adam work together.  There are obstacles they have to overcome given their positions in society.  I love how they take care of all involved.

This really is a good book.  Read it.  I was given this book in the case that I may choose to review it!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Earth Psalms - Francine Rivers

Earth Psalms – Francine Rivers      

            I have always been a fan of Francine Rivers’ fiction books.  She has such a way of provoking emotion in a reader.  I have never been angrier – frustrated -- at characters than I have in her books.
            Earth Psalms is a non-fiction devotional.  It is meant to take place over the course of a year, but I sped through it in 52 days!  This devotional is AMAZING!  I know we serve the Powerful God of creation!  Rivers takes his creation and relates it to spiritual truths! 
            The artwork in the book is BEAUTIFUL!  The applications at the end of the devotionals are thought provoking. 
            I LOVE THIS BOOK!  I have already given this book as gifts!  I will be purchasing more of them as gifts!  You NEED TO BUY THIS BOOK!  I hope she writes another one!

I was given this book, and chose to post an honest review!

The Glory of the Messiah and Words of Grace - Adult Coloring books

 The Glory of the Messiah and Words of Grace Coloring Books

            Who doesn’t love a good coloring book?  Who wouldn’t love a good coloring book full of beautiful truths and fun pictures?  I know these are “adult” coloring books, but I would give these to 4th graders and up!  I was a homeschooling mom and I would use these for bible!  SO GOOD!  The Glory of the Messiah explains the Jewish roots of faith in Jesus.  This is a large rectangular book.  Words of Grace is more whimsical in pictures.  It is a smaller square.  It can be used like a daily devotional.
            I think two books, just like these, may appear in gift bags from me in the future.  LOVE THESE BOOKS!

I was given these books and chose to post a review.
My Heart Belongs in Fort Bliss, Texas – Priscilla’s Reveille – by Erica Vetsh

My Heart Belongs in Fort Bliss, Texas – Priscilla’s Reveille is the first book I have read by Erica Vetsh.  This is the story of Priscilla who has traveled to Fort Bliss to retrieve her niece and nephew because their parents died.  She was unaware that they were under the care of their uncle, Major Elliot Ryder.   Priscilla hates the army.  She hates the wilderness, and just wants to get out of there with her family.  Her plans are put aside when she realizes that their uncle won’t let them go with her. 
She stays to help at the army fort.  She experiences some fear from the Native Americans.  And this is where I stopped reading.  I am sorry, but I found the book slow. 
I hope you will read this book and form your own opinion!

I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Then Came You: A Bradford Sister’s Novella and True to You: A Bradford Sister’s Romance – Becky Wade

Then Came You: A Bradford Sister’s Novella and True to You: A Bradford Sister’s Romance – Becky Wade

I have read everything Becky Wade has written.  I love her style.  She has a knack for drawing my attention within the first several sentences.  (I am pretty ADD so that is saying something!)
Then Came You: A Bradford Sister’s Novella sets the stage for the Bradford Sister’s Romance series.  It is free for Kindle on Amazon right now.  Garner Bradford is impulsive, and steps away from how he has been raised.  He has 2 daughters that really need his care.  He has a huge company to run.  Kathleen Burke is a career woman who is looking forward to being hired by her dream company.  This is their story.
True to You: A Bradford Sister’s Romance is book 1 in the series.  It is so good!  Nora Bradford loves her job and is content with her life.  John Lawson has just received a diagnosis, and sense he is adopted, he hires Nora do help him research and find his birth family.  There are several plot twists in this story.  I am hoping that one of the twists will play out in the next book.  They are successful in finding his birth family.  However, their pasts intersected in not so great ways.
These are BOTH great books!  I would give them 4 starts.  Buy them (Of course you don’t have to buy the novella since it is FREE!)

I received True to You: A Bradford Sister’s Romance  in exchange for an honest review.