Saturday, April 1, 2017

Earth Psalms - Francine Rivers

Earth Psalms – Francine Rivers      

            I have always been a fan of Francine Rivers’ fiction books.  She has such a way of provoking emotion in a reader.  I have never been angrier – frustrated -- at characters than I have in her books.
            Earth Psalms is a non-fiction devotional.  It is meant to take place over the course of a year, but I sped through it in 52 days!  This devotional is AMAZING!  I know we serve the Powerful God of creation!  Rivers takes his creation and relates it to spiritual truths! 
            The artwork in the book is BEAUTIFUL!  The applications at the end of the devotionals are thought provoking. 
            I LOVE THIS BOOK!  I have already given this book as gifts!  I will be purchasing more of them as gifts!  You NEED TO BUY THIS BOOK!  I hope she writes another one!

I was given this book, and chose to post an honest review!

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