Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Glory of the Messiah and Words of Grace - Adult Coloring books

 The Glory of the Messiah and Words of Grace Coloring Books

            Who doesn’t love a good coloring book?  Who wouldn’t love a good coloring book full of beautiful truths and fun pictures?  I know these are “adult” coloring books, but I would give these to 4th graders and up!  I was a homeschooling mom and I would use these for bible!  SO GOOD!  The Glory of the Messiah explains the Jewish roots of faith in Jesus.  This is a large rectangular book.  Words of Grace is more whimsical in pictures.  It is a smaller square.  It can be used like a daily devotional.
            I think two books, just like these, may appear in gift bags from me in the future.  LOVE THESE BOOKS!

I was given these books and chose to post a review.

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