Friday, August 28, 2015

The Potter's Lady - Judith Miller

The Potter’s Lady – Judith Miller

I always look forward to starting a new book.  Especially when the cover is just BEAUTIFUL.  The Potter’s Lady begins with Rose leaving design school.  She is obviously gifted in that area because has won a prestigious award.  Her brother, Ewan, retrieves her from school to accompany her back home.
They take the train and have to stop to look at buying a business because their livelihood has been taken away from them. 
Honestly, this is a far as a got in the book.  I just wasn’t drawn into the story. 

I didn’t feel like there was enough explanations of some situations, and too many details for other situations.  To be fair I didn’t read the first book in the series.  So I did break my cardinal rule about reading books out of order.  So, this less than flowery review could be because of my breaking the rule.  I feel bad for being honest, but I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Honduras - Thank you to so many!


Thank you so much for supporting our trip to Honduras.
It was a great week!  We were looking forward to serving and experiencing a new culture.  God, of course, had other lessons for us to learn!

1.    This picture is of Mario and Keila.  They are Honduran missionaries, who minister to the people in EL Naranjal, Hondurans.  The Evangelical Christian church in Honduras is strong. However, Honduras is a very poor country.  Even highly educated people in the capital cannot find work.  In the more remote areas, there is no work because they are in a serious drought, and there really isn’t any industry besides a sugar cane factory, and an aloe vera farm. The people in El Naranjal are destitute.  They will wait patiently for hours in the heat to get antibiotics, dewormed, and a few over-the-counter drugs.  Many families are hungry.  Truly, many didn’t even have a grain of rice in their home.  Please pray for Mario and Keila.  (  Below you will see a picture of the Health Matters team.  Three of these women are there ministering and serving all year long.
2.    It was great to experience how the common thread of serving Jesus tied our group together.  I believe we had 9 different churches represented. Fast friendships were made with the people on your team.
3.    Alex spent his day prayer walking and doing VBS.  This took him WAY out of his comfort zone.  That is a good thing!  He, of course, fell in love with the kids he met.  Many, quite literally, attached themselves to him!
4.    I spent my days working in a pharmacy.  On the first day I knew NOTHING!  By the time day 5 rolled around, I was a slightly seasoned pharmacy tech!  Patient, patient women trained me.  Remember, the stickers we put on the meds were in Spanish – be impressed!  Be impressed that my co-workers survived the week with me!  Being honest:  At the beginning of the week I would skip over the 'complicated' cards because I needed so much help!  It became somewhat of a joke!  By the end of the week, well...see the picture below!  (This was a 'complicated' card!)It was difficult seeing so many people truly suffering, and knowing there was only so much we could do.  Medical care there is antiquated, at best.
5.    I don’t know what is next.  El Naranjal needs…well…so much.  Please pray for the church there.
6.    Again, thank you for investing your prayers and your time in this trip!


         Velva and Alex Brown

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Through Waters Deep - Sarah Sundin

Through Waters Deep – Sarah Sundin

            Sarah Sundin is one of my all time favorite authors!  “Wings of Glory” is one of my all-time favorite series!  However, I find myself having a hard time with Through Waters Deep.  It must be me! 
            I love the cover! 
I love the subject.  My dad is retired navy…he’s also almost 91 so the WWII era is a favorite of mine.
Unfortunately, after several chapters I do not feel the desire to continue reading.  For this, I really am sorry.  
After reading the comments on Goodreads and Amazon, I am convinced it is me.  Maybe I will put it on the shelf and try again at another time.  OR maybe I will hand it to someone who will truly appreciate this tale written by one of my favorite authors!

* I received this copy from Revell in exchange for my honest review.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Not by Sight – Kate Breslin

Not by Sight – Kate Breslin

My summer has been crazy busy!  This book has been tempting me – crying out to be read!  Knowing I had a 4-hour plane ride, Not by Sight was the first book stuffed into my travel bag!  I was NOT disappointed!
I loved this story of Grace Mabry and how she lives her life out loud.  She puts herself wholly into situations.  Truthfully, she doesn’t necessarily think all the details through before inserting herself in various situations.  However, her heart is good!
Jack Benningham isn’t quite who he appears to be.  Seriously, for much of the book he doesn’t make an appearance too many.
What I loved about this book:
-                    I love books where the history is researched.  I actually teach history, so it gives me an excuse to read more!  I don’t care if it is embellished, but I like learning!
-                    I like how there are several different ‘love’ stories going on in the book. 
-                    I love how Grace looks past what could seem overwhelming – or scary – and sees the person.
-                    People aren’t always who they appear to be.  We are all flawed in some way because we are human.  I love how the story shows some people, who have a questionable past, let the past stay in the past and not control the future.
-                    In today’s world people are so afraid of being real.  Several of Grace’s workmates put their past out in the open.  I like people who are real!  I actually believe there is safety in being real!

Buy this book!  You will love it!