Friday, August 28, 2015

The Potter's Lady - Judith Miller

The Potter’s Lady – Judith Miller

I always look forward to starting a new book.  Especially when the cover is just BEAUTIFUL.  The Potter’s Lady begins with Rose leaving design school.  She is obviously gifted in that area because has won a prestigious award.  Her brother, Ewan, retrieves her from school to accompany her back home.
They take the train and have to stop to look at buying a business because their livelihood has been taken away from them. 
Honestly, this is a far as a got in the book.  I just wasn’t drawn into the story. 

I didn’t feel like there was enough explanations of some situations, and too many details for other situations.  To be fair I didn’t read the first book in the series.  So I did break my cardinal rule about reading books out of order.  So, this less than flowery review could be because of my breaking the rule.  I feel bad for being honest, but I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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