Sunday, September 6, 2015

Wild in the Hollow - Amber C. Haines

Wild in the Hollow – Amber C. Haines

            Wild in the Hollow is Amber Haines’ testimony.  It is raw.  It is poetic.  It is real.
            Being real and full of truth is such an unusual thing in our society.  Haines’ tells the truth about her poor life choices.  She tells the truth about her marital struggles.  Her feelings towards church – both good and bad.  She tells about her desire for home.
            Some favorite quotes from the book are:
1-    “Guilt is anti-peace, and without the fruit of the peace there’s no real freedom and no real home.
2-    “If God lives in you by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and you’re not distracted or pacified by your own cravings and desires, then your life is so full of fruit, a deep satisfaction, that you would never call poor.  This is what it means to be poor in spirit, and the poor in spirit are the very ones who inherit the kingdom of heaven.”  This was actually a quote she shared that was said by St. Cyr of Haiti.

               This is far from an easy read because she is so honest and raw.  It just takes a minute to digest.  I do appreciate her honesty.  I believe if we were all real, we would have much more freedom.

            I am not a poetic person, so the writing style – even though it was beautiful – somewhat bogged me down.  That said I believe this is a great book. 

I received this copy in exchange for an honest review.

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