Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Lost Heiress - Rosanna M. White

The Lost Heiress – Roseanna M. White

            What a book!  What a good book! 
            This was my first book by Rosanna M. White, and I was very pleased!  I will look for another one of hers.

            Brook and Justin have grown up together, even though they were in different social classes.  Brook was raised by people who weren’t her biological parents.  Her life is about to change!  (I can’t really give any more information away!)

In the first few chapters I got a little bogged down with the character’s names and relationships, but I just used the handy character list at the beginning of the book.  That was ever so helpful!

            What I liked about this book:

1.     The characters were well developed.
2.     There were several different stories wrapped up in one book.  For instance, Deidre and Pratt, Deidre and Hiram, and the Fire Eyes.
3.     Mystery, romance, and deceit….all in the same book.  Guns, horses, and fancy gowns are there too!

My recommendation is to BUY THIS BOOK! 

I was given this copy for an honest review.  Thank you Bethany House!

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