Saturday, December 5, 2015

Vendetta - Lisa Harris

Vendetta – Lisa Harris

Normally I don’t read books that are suspenseful.  I am of the mind that life is too unpredictable, why would I choose to read something that causes me stress!?!  I am so glad I received this copy to review.  (In exchange for an honest review – Thanks, Revell!)  This is the first book in The Nikki Boyd Files series.  Nikki Boyd’s day off doesn’t end up looking like what she expected!  She should be having fun spending the day with her friend Tyler.  However, she gets called in to work and it changes the course of her week.
Vendetta was full of suspense.  I really didn’t figure out who the ‘bad guy’ was until Nikki did!  The one thing that kind of confused me was the male names: Kyle, Ryan and Tyler.  I don’t know why this bothered me, but it could be that the names are super similar.  I tend to be a little ADD so I found this distracting.
One of the quotes I loved from this book is: “…. sometimes there truly is nothing you can do to change your circumstances.  Sometimes all you can do it hold on for dear life and pray that God will help you find a way through the storm.  Sometimes he shows you a way to escape, and sometimes he walks through the fire with you.  (Here is my favorite part…) But I’m starting to realize that as much as I’ve battled with God, nothing that happens here on this earth changes who God is.”   This quote is just truth – pure truth!

I really did enjoy this book.  Now, I will have to read the next book in the series because a few relationship things weren’t all wrapped up neat and tidy.  I will look FORWARD to the summer of 2016 because that is when the next book comes out.

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