Thursday, May 26, 2016

Someone Like You - Victoria Bylin

Someone Like You – Victoria Bylin

            Someone Like You was the second book I have read by Victoria Bylin, and I really enjoyed it.  I just love the cover!  It is a story of reconnection, and moving forward.  Julia Dare and Zeke Monroe dated in college.  At the time Zeke was devoted to the Lord; Julia wasn’t.  They broke up, and Julia moved on with a guy named Hunter.  Hunter caused me great stress in this book!  I loathed him!  Hunter will always be involved in Julia’s life to some extent because of Max, their son. 
            Julia and Zeke’s paths cross when Julia, an event planner, is hired to help plan a huge event for a new client.  Zeke runs a nice but “in the red” resort.  They end up working together.
            There are many different story lines in this book – which can become a little distracting.  However, the characters are well developed.   I laughed at Ladybug.  (You will just have to read to find out about this character!)  I loathed Hunter!  Zeke and Julia both frustrated me at times.  Ginger frustrated me OFTEN!  George….I liked him.
            Read this book!

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  Thanks, Bethany House.

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