Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sarah's Surrender - Vickie McDonough

Sarah’s Surrender – Land Rush Dreams 3 – by Vickie McDonough

            Now, let me just say I didn’t read the first 2 books in this series.  AND let me add that I think this probably skewed my opinion. 
            This story starts right off with a proposal from Luke McNeil to Sarah Worley.  It was an awkward proposal.  Sarah has a harsh past and wants to have something of her own.  Luke is crushed!
            Sarah takes off for the Oklahoma Land Rush.  Much to her surprise – dismay – Luke follows.  He is ready to prove that he has what it takes to make a great husband.  He truly does love her.  He wants to serve her…make her happy.  She just can’t accept it.  When some unscrupulous people enter the story, Luke’s instinct is spot on. 
            Luke loves Sarah well.  He is a PATIENT man! 
            I liked the book, but didn’t LOVE the book.  However, it is a good read!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing in exchange for my honest review.  Thanks Barbour!

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