Monday, March 6, 2017

For Love & Honor - Jody Hedlund

For Love and Honor -  Jody Hedlund

            For Love and Honor is the third teen fiction book by Jody Hedlund and I LOVED IT!  These books….they are just so good!  These books have themes that need to be discussed with young people.  These books are real.
            Lady Sabine is taken on what she believed was an art buying trip.  Sir Bennet thinks he has to have an arranged marriage with a woman of fortune even though he has a money tied up in rare art and artifacts.  She believes she is flawed, and he thinks outer beauty is very important.  As humans we can often only see what is different…or wrong.  This book deals with what is important.
            “…he is able to see the beauty in things that others do not.  Why else does he have such a large collection of rare and unique artifacts and relics, most of which ar chipped, broken, and decrepit?”
            I gasped at her depreciation of Bennet’s valuable collections.  “They’re priceless treasures.  Each marking or chip makes them even more special.”
            I won’t tell you any more.  The discussion questions at the back are SPOT ON!  I am wondering if there will be a forth book?!  Please Jody Hedlund?
            I have already told several young people about this series, and they are devouring them!

I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion!  Thanks!

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