Sunday, January 31, 2016

You're the One That I Want - Susan May Warren

You’re the One That I Want – Susan May Warren

I love the Warren’s books!  I love this series!  I just love these books!  I don’t want the series to end!  I don’t guess I have a choice… poor me!
You’re the One That I Want is Owen’s story mixed with Casper’s story.  See – this is one of the things I love about this series.  You don’t have to say goodbye to the characters… until now…poor me!
Owen has made plenty of poor choices, and has suffered the consequences of those choices.  Some of these consequences aren’t even known to him at the beginning of this book.  I once read a quote that said, “You are free to make your own choices.  However, you are not free from the consequences of those choices.”  Owen finds himself in a place he never imagined he would be.  He meets Scotty, a woman who isn’t necessarily free from problems.
One thing I thought about while reading this book is that each of the Christiansen men marry somewhat emotionally scarred women – and same for the Christiansen women.  I just find that kind of interesting.  I do realize we all have our scars.
The Christiansen family, as always – though I was wondering at a couple of points in this book – pulls together through hardships and celebrations.  This is a wonderful book – it is a wonderful series!
What is next Susan May Warren?  I have to find out – like now – I have to find out now!

**I received this copy in exchange for an honest review!**

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