Sunday, February 28, 2016

Change of Heart - Courtney Walsh

Change of Heart – Courtney Walsh

            I loved Paper Hearts!  At first I didn’t know what to think about Change of Heart.  Seriously, Evelyn Brandt is married.  It truly doesn’t matter if her husband, Christopher, is horrible.  She is married.  Trevor Whitney has been “friends” with Evelyn and her scum-ball husband for years and years. 
            Trevor has always had feelings for Evelyn, but has kept these feelings bottled up forever.  He knows she is married, but can’t deny his feelings.  He has turned into somewhat of a grump! 
            They are somewhat thrown together as the news about Christopher gets revealed.  Trevor is forced to work out his feelings.  Evelyn is trying to find her feet.
            To be honest, I really struggled with this book for a while.  That said, I liked it very much.  I love Walsh’s writing.  It was the subject matter that bothered me.  You see Evelyn came out of an awful home situation.  Trevor didn’t believe as a young man that he was “good enough”, and he wasn’t honest enough to make a stand when he was young.  But, seriously, how many young people are.  Trevor thought he had truly given his feelings over to God, but he realized he really didn’t.
            I know this was a good book because of the emotions it invoked in me!
            Read it!  I would love to know your thoughts!

Thank you Tyndale Fiction for providing this book in exchange for an honest review.

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