Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Rescue Me - Susan May Warren

Rescue Me – Susan May Warren

            Susan May Warren is one of my very favorite authors!  I love her books.  Rescue Me keeps her as one of my favorites.  It is part of the Montana Rescue series.  I have read all of them and anxiously await the next release! 
            Rescue Me picks up the story from the previous book.  It is the store of Sam and Willow.  Sam has his life all laid out neatly in front of him.  He is a Type A kind of guy.  Willow was raised in a commune.  She trusts Jesus with her life.  She doubts her abilities because of her lack of formal training, but she knows the Bible inside and out.  She has committed the truths to heart. Although she constantly doubts her ability, and she tends not to be a planner she makes a huge impact on the people she is around.  She is a servant.  It’s a really sweet story full of adventure and mishaps. 
Warren does a great job of following through with pervious characters and tempts the reader with stories that are hopefully coming in the future.  However, I am SUPER frustrated about what is going on with Ian and Sierra.  COME ON ALREADY!  I WANT DETAILS!
I highly recommend this book.  I will read all the future books in the series!

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

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