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London Tides - Carla Laureano

London Tides - Carla Laureano

Hmmmm….where do I begin?  London Tides wasn’t quite what I expected.  I am still trying to decide if that is good or bad.   I didn’t realize it was in a series, and I found myself breaking MY rule of reading books out of order!
Grace made decisions when she was younger that led her down more than one rough road.  These rough patches led to a horrible case of PTSD, and away from her soon-to-be husband, Ian. 
            Ian is almost 40.  He has settled into a mundane life of rowing, work, and an occasional date.  Born into money he doesn’t have to work, but he still hasn’t decided what he should do when he “grows up”.
            What I liked:
-       Ian looked past what his “upper crust” expectations of what an “acceptable” mate would look like – and act like.
-       Asha, Grace’s friend, loved well.
-       Ian’s friends were willing to say the “hard stuff” to him.
-       Humanitarian needs were discussed and talked about in this book.
-       I did like the ending.  (You are welcome for the lack of a spoiler!)
What I didn’t like:
-       David C. Cook is a Christian Publishing House.  God wasn’t mentioned much – or at all – until very close to the end of the book.  Ian and Grace had lived together earlier in their life.  Then at the end of the book, they talk about God, there wasn’t anything that mentioned how they found their faith.
-       Don’t get me wrong, I am all for a good kiss!  I did like it only contained kissing, and they would stop before things got out of hand.  However, it wasn’t mentioned why they stopped.  I mean, they did previously live together!  I would have like to have been informed about their new found convictions.
Soooo…you will have to read it for your self and form an opinion for yourself.  I am NO help with this one…..However, I think I WILL read the third book in the series.

I was given London Tides as an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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