Thursday, May 7, 2015

Until the Harvest - Sarah Loudin Thomas

Until the Harvest – Sarah Loudin Thomas

Appalachian Serenade was a wonderful novella.  I also had the privilege of reading Miracle in a Dry Season, and really enjoyed it.  Until the Harvest is my FAVORITE book by Sarah Loudin Thomas to date!  What a great story!
Margaret and her little sister, Mayfair, come from an uptight and unloving home.  (Love the name Mayfair!)  Henry is young and knows everything there is to know in life, but he really doesn’t.  Unfortunately for him, he goes about learning things the hard way.
There are so many sweet stories in this one book.  Thomas did such an excellent job with her characters.  I wanted to yell at Henry!  I wanted to sit down with Perla and Emily and learn from them.  I wanted to encourage Margaret.
“Not ignore the flaws, but love the person in spite of them.  There’s a difference.”  I love this quote, and how this is handled in the book.  The discussed the flaws, but they also held their tongues when needed.  (That’s hard to do!  I have young adult children – so I get it!)  Later on in the book Henry plays the victim, such a typical response for many young adults!
I love how old hymns were used in the book.  I had forgotten about “Love Lifted Me”.  What a great song! 
Thomas wove the story of Jacob And Esau in the book, and it was great.  “I’m not saying Esau had a bad life.  He just didn’t have the life he was born to.”  I have chewed on this sentence while reading this book.  I have never thought about that story in that way.  LOVE THAT!  “God only called one man to build an ark, Henry.  Whatever His purpose is for you, it’s different that anyone else’s.”  Such great truth!  LOVE!
Mayfair says, “….sometimes I think about Jesus, and it seems to rub off on people.”  Hmmmm…..what would the world be like if we all focused on thinking about Jesus!

Thank you, Bethany House for the ARC.

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  1. Thank YOU for such an enthusiastic review. It makes my day that you picked up on the old hymns and Bible stories. Some of MY favorite parts!