Monday, May 11, 2015

Summer's List - Anita Higman

Summer’s List – Anita Higman

            Summer Snow breaks up with her affluent guy.  Her grandmother’s health is failing, and she gives Summer a list to complete.   Summer follows up on the list.

            I tried to like this book.  I really did.  I even went 7 chapters after my normal “5 chapter rule”.  I just found the story a bit too far fetched.  I felt like the style was a little choppy.   I hate to say things like this because I am sure there are people who will love this story. 

            I know Martin’s brothers are difficult.  However, I didn’t find them to be believable.   Martin and Summer’s quick pick up of their relationship was a little out there.

            Give this book a try.  Maybe you will love it!  I really hope so!

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