Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Married 'til Monday - Denise Hunter

Married ‘til Monday – Denise Hunter


            After reading this book I am sad…..very sad!  I loved this series and didn’t want it to end.  (However, I am excited about the new series!)
            Ryan comes from a big loving – in your business – kind of family.  Abby didn’t have a similar growing up experience.  Ryan and Abby have been divorced for over 3 years.  It seems like they both should have moved on, but they didn’t.  
            Abby’s parents are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary, and Ryan tags along because….. (I don’t want to spoil it for you!)  You will have to read this story to see how the trip works out.
            What I loved about this story:
-       Well, it was written by Denise Hunter, and I have LOVED all her books.  (I finished this one in two days.  I was thankful for a 3.5 hour wait at an appointment!)
-       I love the McKinley family.  I love how they are “in each other’s business”.  Seriously, I don’t have that in my family, and I think I might like it?!?!
-       I love how the past stories are continued a little in this book.
-       Who doesn’t love a good reconciliation story?  In our society there isn’t enough reconciliation.  People get mad and hang on to that feeling for years!  Bitterness develops and well….that is UGLY!  People don’t want to work through the hard stuff because it is UGLY!.  It is probably easier to just walk away.  Love it when people are willing to risk it for a possible new beginning.  A quote I loved was, “….You’d be surprised at what can spilt apart a sacred union.”  TRUTH!
-       People are flawed.  We ALL are in some way or another.  Some MORE than others, but we all have issues we could improve!  Another favorite quote was, “ We’re human.  We make mistakes.  The smart ones learn from them.”  LOVE this truth!
-       I love when Gillian speaks truth about Abby’s parents.  (UGH!  They frustrated me!)

Married ‘til Monday is a great read.  I was given this book in exchange for my honest review!

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