Friday, June 26, 2015

The Wonder of You - Susan Mae Warren

The Wonder of You – Susan Mae Warren

I love Susan Mae Warren’s books!  I love this series!  I love this book!

Amelia meets Roark in Prague.  She left upset.  He follows her.  However, he is not the only man vying for her affection.  That’s all the information I am giving.

Grace and Max have some true marital struggles.  (Again, all you are getting!)

What is going to happen with Casper?  Owen?  (I don’t know too much about these questions…but even if I did….I wouldn’t spill it!)

Things that made me love the book:

1.     I love how the stories are introduced in previous books, and how their stories continue in books to come.
2.     I love how she weaves the truth into the story.   “I don’t know what call God has put on your life, but if you have tried to answer it on your own, you will find yourself wandering.  Lost. Overwhelmed. Afraid” TRUTH!
3.     “It’s not about how you feel.  It is about what you do.”  I love this statement.  So many times I have wanted to act a certain way because of how I feel.  Stupid things like being rude to the rude clerk at the store because she made me feel angry.  It isn’t easy to respond with kindness to someone who is rude!  However, God calls us to love others.  Rude is not an attribute of love!
4.     Roark and Seth have real life confrontations trying to prove who is the ‘bigger man’.  Being the mother of 3 young men…..ummmm….I think this is a male thing.

One point that I would argue the validity of in the book would be backed-up by my Eagle Scout son, who would never be caught reading a romance book (or truthfully any book), is that Boy Scouts don’t sing; Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts sing. 

If you have never read a book in the Christiansen Family series, start at the beginning.  If you have – well – continue on!

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