Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hope Harbor - Irene Hannon

Hope Harbor – Irene Hannon

WOW!  What a great book!   Hope Harbor was refreshing to read even though difficult topics were in the book.   I don’t want to reveal too much, but here are some things I loved:

1.                     Oregon is a state on my bucket list.  I loved reading about the climate and surroundings of this ideal little beach town.
2.                     Michael, Tracey and Anna are all fighting personal battles.  They are dealing with hard issues.  Issues that don’t have an easy fix.
3.                     Forgiveness and risk, truth and lies, seclusion and vulnerability are all issues I deal with on a personal basis, and it was good to see these issues worked on in this book.
4.                     I love how Charley, a minor character, just listened to the prompting of the Lord….and followed through with those promptings.   That is an area I’m always trying to improve on!
5.                     “It was always much easier to clean up messes when they were fresh.”  Loved this analogy!
6.                     I loved how one simple act really changed the whole book.  Had Anna not listened to Charley, what would have happened?
7.                     “Walking into the unknown was always difficult, no matter your age…or circumstances.”  TRUTH!  The “unknown” is WAY out of my comfort zone!  WAY OUT!
8.                     This story is filled with people being stretched way out of their comfort zones!  I realize this is a work of fiction, but Hannon weaves biblical truth throughout this book.

9.                     BUY it!  Read it!

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