Friday, July 17, 2015

The Friends of Jesus - Karen Kingsbury

The Friends of Jesus - Karen Kingsbury

            The Friends of Jesus is a storybook mixed with a bible study.  Kingsbury takes many of the people who knew Jesus personally and tells their story.  Now, she is reading into many of their thoughts and actions, but I do think the road she takes is probably very accurate. 
            To be exact 6 Friends of Jesus are covered in this book.  Simon would have never encountered the TRUTH if he hadn’t had leprosy.  He would have probably continued on living his well-meaning judgmental life.  Things Kingsbury adds to his story is how it felt (and smelled) to have leprosy, how it felt to have his wife married to another in less than a year, and how it felt to be rejected by people who held him in high esteem before the leprosy.
            Kingsbury weaves the stories of 5 more of Jesus’s friends.

            A GREAT read!  Well written – of course – duh – it is Karen Kingsbury!  Even the cover art is beautiful!

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