Thursday, July 16, 2015

To Capture Her Heart - Rebecca DeMarino

To Capture Her Heart – Rebecca DeMarino

            I love books!  Well, I love most books!  And I really really hate it when I don’t like a book.  I am picky about writing style.  I like lots of emotion and imagery.  I like to know exactly what the character is thinking and feeling. 
            I was excited to get the chance to read To Capture Her Heart.  If we are being honest my excitement had vanished by the end of the second chapter.  I can’t really pin point why except that truly something about it didn’t grab me and suck me in like many books.  Like my above paragraph(s) the sentence structure didn’t vary much, and that bothered me for some unknown reason. 

            Maybe, it is me!  I just can’t finish the book….and I am really sorry!  Try it!  As I said, it could just be me!  I do LOVE the cover art!

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