Thursday, July 30, 2015

In Good Company - Jen Turano

In Good Company – Jen Turano

            Oh my goodness!  What a fun read! 
            Millie is a nanny who has a hard time keeping a job.
            Everett is a gentleman who has some lessons to learn.

This book is full of many of the things I like in a book…..
-       Confident but not haughty leading lady.
-       Humor, humor and more humor.
-       There are children in the book.  There is a horrible – just nasty – female friend.
-       Priorities are put in place, which was especially hard for people of that time period.
-       Friends who are truly friends, and ones who are NOT!
-       Newport – just a beautiful place.
-       Funny animals
-       Mystery
-       LOVE!

One of the passages that stood out to me was, “You’ve been surrounded solely by like-minded individuals – and that has not given you a proper perspective of life.”  Hmmmm…..I think that could apply to anyone.  Do you know people who are different than you are?


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