Friday, March 13, 2015

Paper Hearts by Courtney Walsh

Paper Hearts by Courtney Walsh

I am a creature of habit.  I find an author I like, and read every book the author has written.  If I don’t like a new author, I find it hard to even try to read one of their books again – EVER!  I’m loyal if you can win me over in the first book…I guess!
I have now found a new – to me – author who I will be reading their books as they come out! AND this makes me happy!
Paper Hearts is a story that frustrated me, and made me smile!  Abigail owns a much loved bookstore because that is what she has always done, she has plans for it, and she likes it.  Jacob is trying to escape his haunted past when he moves with his daughter to establish himself in this new town – with the help of Kelly, his business manager.
I loved how older women were a large part of this story.  They may have been seen as meddling and bossy, but they had the best of intentions.  I loved how both Abigail and Jacob came to respect these meddling older women.  I hated how Jacob wouldn’t stand up for himself in several situations.  (Don’t want to spoil the story.)   I really just wanted him to “Man UP!”  I really wanted Abigail to stick up for herself.  I felt conflicted about this situation. 
One of my favorite quotes from this book is, “But the very best love stories are the ones that are flawed and full of forgiveness and pain and joy and challenges and happiness.  All these things make up a love story.”  I just find this quote so true in today’s world as many couples can’t get past the struggles and remember what was/is important to their relationship.

All in all I loved this book.  When Courtney Walsh’s next book comes out, I will be reading it!

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