Sunday, April 26, 2015

At Bluebonnet Lake - Amanda Cabot

While Sally is strolling down memory lane, she brings Kate to Rainbow's End in hopes to convince her to slow down and little and enjoy life.  Kate isn't too sure about her decision to take a month off of her life.  Greg is reevaluating his life.  Roy is just trudging through his life.

Rainbow's End isn't all that Sally remembered.  The town is empty and somewhat sad.

I love how this story questions the "American Dream" to me.  Successful job.  Fancy House.  Loads of money.  These things should make you happy.  These things should leave you feeling successful, and full of life.  Right?

There are many other characters in this book, that Cabot leaves us wondering what happens in their life.

Sally, Kate, Greg and Roy learn together in this fun romance.  They learn what is important.  I believe they learn that anything they seek, besides Jesus, leaves them empty. 

Fun read!

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