Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Love Letters by Beverly Lewis

The Love Letters
Beverly Lewis

Marlena is sent to live with her grandmother after her grandfather’s death.  Although this isn’t where she wanted to spend her summer, she went along like a dutiful Amish girl.   While there another tragedy strikes her family, and she is given a baby to look after.

Small Jay is a young boy who lives next door to Marlena’s grandmother.  He has some disabilities that cause his somewhat harsh father to look past him.  Fortunately, Small Jay meets Boston, a hobo, who sees the value of Small Jay.

While both these stories play out Marlena is conflicted about where she stands with the church – Old Order, New Order, or Mennonite.  The man she loves is Old Order, and is somewhat against some of the circumstances she is facing.

I like how Beverly Lewis brings in the searching for The One True God.  I also like how she takes the ‘weak’ and makes them ‘strong.’  However, this wasn’t one of my favorite Beverly Lewis books.  I found the story to be slow.

I was given this book, by the publisher, to review.

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